Osteria Ardenga


It starts with the salami very mature production craft as the culatello of Zibello PDO, the cooked shoulder of San Secondo hot, salami, coppa, bacon and Parma ham.

Fresh pasta: ravioli with greens, anolini broth, pisarei and beans, pasta with meat sauce pasta salami that are traditional. The chestnut gnocchi, macaroni with duck sauce, the straw and hay to nuts, pappardelle with game, cappelletti with fresh mushrooms, the bomb of rice to the pigeons that are of local dishes that vary by season .

The seconds as the traditional roast duck, the brisket stuffed, goose with salami paste, salted pork stew with mushrooms, the pillows for stewed pork, stuffed guinea fowl, the cockerel with asparagus, boiled with sauce and mustard, tripe, game, snails and other products that rolling back in our menu.

The homemade desserts such as traditional pies or fruit, or amaretto semifreddo nougat and chocolate, cheese Bavarian chocolate pudding, panna cotta with berries, English soup and tiramisu

Osteria Ardenga - via Maestra 6 - Diolo di Soragna - Parma
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