Osteria Ardenga

Vini dell'Osteria Ardenga

We have selected, giving our label, some wines of our land. We offer them for sale at a price of 5 euro bottle

Vini dell'Ardenga

Fortana del Taro
Partially fermented, bubbly grapes must. It is the must typical local wine. Lightly rosé, fruity, sweet, little alcoholic. Perfect with our local cured pork meats.

Gutturnio - Colli Piacentini
It is a red wine from Barbera and Bonarda grapes, naturally fermented in the bottles. Deeply red, bubbly, dry. Perfect with pasta, roasted meat and game meat.

Lambrusco Nobile
it is traditionally produced with a selection of local grapes. Fruity, rich, bubbly, perfect with all Parma's tradituional plates.

Bianco del feudo
It is a white, dry, delicate, golden coloured wine. It is one of the oldest and more traditionally produced local wines, perfect with all local plates. Serve it at 3° - 5° C.

Malvasia del Principe
Produced with “Malvasia di Candia Aromatica” grapes, straw yellow, strong and aromatic. Perfect with appetizers, pasta, white meat and fish. Serve it cold.

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