Osteria Ardenga

Salumi tipici

Osteria Ardenga keeps in his cellar salami to take them to a long natural seasoning so that turn acquiring the aromas that make them so tasty and fragrant, real culinary delights.
The products on sale are all cleaned, trimmed, placed under vacuum and the desired weight

We offer: culatello, pancetta, salame, coppa, fiocchetto, spalla cruda, Parmigiano Reggiano in various ages.

Culatello DOP pulito e rifilato Euro 75 al Kg

Pancetta stagionata Euro 18 al Kg

Salame stagionato dell'Ardenga Euro 25 al Kg

Osteria Ardenga - via Maestra 6 - Diolo di Soragna - Parma
Tel 0524 599337    Cell. 3405531958    info@osteriardenga.it